Waterfall Tours

Miller Falls


50 foot PRIVATE waterfall, short walk from all cabins.

Private grotto behind the falls with a natural stone bench.

Swallowtail Falls


It’s a rugged hike down Miller’s Creek, below Miller Falls.  But for rugged individuals, we think it’s worth it.  

Guided hikes available.

Foster Falls


A 15 minute drive away

Easy access from the parking lot.

Nice swimming below the falls.

We always recommend this one if you do no others.

Greeter Falls


Savage Gulf, Altamont (30 Minutes)

Fall Creek Falls

Tallest waterfall in the Southeast.  (60 minutes)

 Tallest waterfall in the Southeast

About an hour drive.  Lots to do and see while there, including Ziplines, Public Pool and more.

So many waterfalls nearby.  we can help you plan a tour or, for a small fee, escort you.