Mountain Goat Bicycle Trail

Rich Local History

Tracy City - Birthplace of the New South

This sleepy little town was once the South’s industrial hub.  Coal was discovered, railroads were built and steel mills were developed here. These assets made Tracy City an  area of strategic military importance during the civil war.   It was fought over and occupied by the North. 

After the war, the agrarian South lay In ruins.  it was rebuilt into an industrial powerhouse, beginning in Tracy City.

Today, the coal mines are played out and the historic railroad bed has been converted into a paved bicycle trail that links the mountain communities through breathtaking natural countryside.  Read the story of the Mountain Goat Trail and the history it celebrates here.

Highlander Folk School

Birthplace of Southern Organized Labor and the 60’s Civil Rights Movement.

Appalachian Ivy League

The University of the South, AKA Sewanee, offers a liberal arts education and culture on the mountain.

Grundy Historical Society

This is where you can explore the rich history of the region.  Civil War battles, Cherokee Indian Heritage, the trail of tears, local genealogy, local industry and more.