Tracy City Local Dining


Tea on the Mountain

British fine dining in Tracy City?  So near our cabin rentals? Yep!   Check it out on Yelp.  Solid Five Stars.  Reservations recommended.


The Dutch Maid Bakery

A Mountain Icon.  Oldest bakery in the South and probably the nicest, hardest working owner (which accounts for its longevity).  Tell Cindy Grant sent you.

Bus loads of baked goods aficionados come from all over the South to sample an amazing array of pastries and signature recipe Salt Bread.  Country Style breakfast and lunch in the cafe.  A must-do experience.


El Maguey Mexican Restaurant

Big portions, reasonable prices, authentic Mexican food.

We usually share a plate.  So happy to have this place among options of restaurants nearby.


Hank’s Corner Grille

Looking for some good times and excellent food?  Thursday nite trivia games (the whole town turns out) and much more.  Try the massive soldier burger (Pictured).  Their summer salad is outstanding.  One of my best recommendations for local dining.


Dari Delight

Low prices. Big menu (Fried Chicken, Burgers, Pizza,  Catfish, you name it, they’ve got it.

We recommend the Panini sandwiches.  They are huge, delicious and cheap.  What more can you want from a little country town like Tracy City?


The Lunch Box

Small town SLOW-Food.  Pull up to the drive-thru, look over their printed menu (it’s huge), order, pull around to the parking lot.  Your order will be delivered to the car piping hot in about 20 minutes.  Try their signature Mega-Burger.  So good!

If you want good food, it probably won’t be fast food.  Slow down and smell the burgers.


The Annex Cafe

Ready for some authentic Appalachian local dining color?  This is where the locals hang out to exchange the latest gossip.  

Dress: bib overalls.  Bring your new shotgun to show it off and make some friends.  I’ve seen it.

Good, friendly folks.

Don’t ask for a menu.  The owner will just ask what you want.  If the fixings are in the fridge, they’ll make it fer ya.  And it’ll be good.  Best Denver omelette I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot for a guy who once ran ihop’s national training department and taught managers how to cook omelettes.  Never mind it didn’t look anything like a denver omelette.

Monteagle Dining


High Point

The price point is also implied by the name, but this fine dining restaurant is definitely worth if for a special occasion.

Historically iconic.  This place was built by Al Capone for one of his mistresses.  Highest elevation point on his run from Chicago to Miami.  Picking up a little bootleg whiskey along the way.  

How things have changed! 


Papa Ron’s Italian Steak House

Same ownership as High Point.

good Italian food.  mid-range prices


The Mountain Goat Market

Touristy, fun, excellent quality deli-style sandwiches and pizza.  2019 Yelp rated number 51 among America’s best restaurants!  Check it out.

Always packed


Shan’s Chinese Buffet

lots of variety.  Chinese buffet.  Take-out is priced by weight.  Excellent value.


The Smoke House

No cover country entertainment weekend nights.  Fun gift shop.  Delicious barbecue.  Make sure to try their bread pudding.  Out of this world.

Sewanee Dining


The Dining Hall @ Sewanee

There is plenty of good old Southern Fried comfort food to be found on the mountain.  But, if you are looking for “healthy” food, you will want to make the trek to the University of the South.  The Dining hall is massive, reminiscent of an updated Hogwarts.  The head chef is a dedicated locavor and health advocate.  The choices are many and the Prices are reasonable, even for non-students, who are welcome to dine there.



Another mountain icon.  Fine Dining Excellence



A quirky, little novelty store that combines many things natural.  From yarn dying with natural pigments to natural healthy foods.  If you are looking for a place to provision your cabin with something more healthy, this is it.