House Rules & General Info

General House Rules

  • Check-in time is 3PM to 8PM
  • Check-out time is 10AM
  • Unless otherwise instructed, meet us at our home for keys, intro to the house and a tour.  If arriving after check-in time and with advance notice, we can arrange to leave the door unlocked and lights on.
  • Please communicate your ETA one day in advance and update us on your progress when you are 15-30 minutes away.
  • No Smoking
  • No pets in the house.  Dogs or cats may accompany you if they are kept in a crate on the back porch.
  • No parties or events in the house
  • Conserve
    • Turn off all valves on propane grills immediately after use.
    • If you will be away for more than 5-6 hours or at departure, turn off AC.  In winter, set heat at 50 degrees to avoid freezing pipes.
  • Quiet Hours 8 PM to 7AM
  • At departure, please
    • wash dishes and leave them to dry in the available rack.
    • Place bagged trash in the large trash bins outside.
    • Clean the grill if you have used it.
    • Place damp towels in the tub or shower, not on furniture.
    • Drop by and say goodbye.

Check-in Process

We like to meet our guests upon arrival. We talk about  your plans, help you choose local activities, places to eat that meet your tastes and budget, introduce you to the house and, if you like, take you on a tour of the waterfall or even Tracy City, Grundy Lakes State Park and the trailhead to world-famous Fiery Gizzard trail.

So, the first stop is our house.  GPS does a pretty good job of getting you onto our road.  After that, it can be a little dicey.  So, give us a call for the address and to let us know your ETA.  As you get within 20 minutes or so, we appreciate a text or another call just to make sure we will be there when you arrive and everything is ready.  Then look for the numbers on our mailbox post and the big rock next to the driveway with a plaque that says “The Millers”.

For those who are interested in homesteading in the country, we can get you suited up in a bee suit to teach you about all-natural bee keeping.  Then, over to the hen-house to see if there are any freshly laid eggs for your breakfast.

Interaction with Guests

After settling in, we take our cues from our guests.  Many if not most are here to enjoy some peace and quiet and decompress in nature.  We respect that.

If you are a musician, I always enjoy a good jam session.  I play the sax, although I have to admit I’m a bit rusty.


1.  What are those big brick things that look like the inside of a beehive and line the perimeter of the main lake along the road through Grundy Lakes State Park?

Answer: They are coke ovens.  Remnants of history when Tracy City was a coal minining town and ”the birthplace of the industrial South.  Coke is to coal as charcoal is to wood.  They used to burn coke in the steel mills.

2.  Where is the closest grocery store?

Answer:  The ONLY grocery store in Tracy City is at the intersection of Hwy 41 and Lakes Road.  It’s called Sav-A-Lot. Just 6 minutes away through the State Park.